Testimonials from Students:

Mrs. Cecelia Chan MBE 
“My son, Arthur Chan went to the UK in 2000 at the age of 12. With no friends and relatives, we were extremely lucky to have been put in touch with Rosemary Mott, an experienced guardian who had already been running the service for more than 10 years.
My son was under the guardianship of Rosemary Mott for 7 years until the time he entered university in 2007. Throughout these 7 years, Rosemary and her husband, Andrew not only took care of Arthur’s physical and psychological needs on a daily basis but also assisted him through difficult moments, such as finding out the best course of action for my son when he broke his cruciate ligament. The couple also provided advice to Arthur when he had to make important decisions, such as choice of universities.

Andrew accompanied Arthur to all university interviews to give him spiritual support.  As a consequence, Arthur did well and got offers from all the universities after the interviews.  Arthur is starting a 3-year full time PhD degree with the University of Loughborough this October.
For our family, Rosemary and Andrew are not only guardians of Arthur but Arthur’s substitute parents in the UK. They were always there for Arthur and are still there for him even after he entered university and lived far away from them.
With our acquaintance of more than 11 years with them, we know they are a pair of devoted caring guardians that parents can trust and rely on, especially during difficult and challenging situations. I have no reservation in recommending Rosemary Mott and her company to any prospective parents.”

Professor of Fine Art - Irina Efendieva
Education Agency for Russian Students 

"I worked with many Russian students helping them to find schools appropriate to their demands and settle in a new country and environment, especially during the first year. It would be impossible without good guardians and I was lucky to work with Mrs Rosemary Mott the Director of Abacus Guardians who not only gave me good advice but helped and supported me, the students and their parents making a significant contribution to my students' success and happiness in the UK."

Sunny Lau

"Mrs. Mott has always been and will always be an important figure in my life, even after I finished school, went to university and am now working in England I know she is only a phone call away if I need any advice or any help. I will never forget how she was there for me every step of the way during the summer of 2001 when I needed to search for another school to continue my studies.

Mrs. Mott and I visited many schools throughout that summer and she did not stop until she found a suitable school for me. She is also the key inspiration of my career choice as a chef, I always love the food that she cooks, which totally sums up the amount of care, love and effort she gives all the children who she takes care of."


Heike and Tilman Lude 
Lohr am Main, Germany

"We met the Mott family through our children who were pupils at prep school and college in England.  We didn't need guardians because we were living near their schools for three years but our children were invited over to spend time with the students to whom the Motts were guardians. I therefore got an insight of how much they do for the children staying with them.
Mrs. Mott takes students to places they like, appropriate to their age and talent, such as horse riding, shopping in Worcester, the cinema or ice skating and cultural visits. Mrs. Mott is always available for her students and always tries to help with whatever problem might occur.
Many older students who used to stay with the Motts many years ago still keep in touch which shows how much the students enjoyed staying with them.
If our children ever come back to the UK as boarders they will definitely stay with the Mott family."