Some of our Guardian Families

Sue and Derek


Sue and Derek Street have worked with Abacus Guardians for 7 years. They have been "English Parents" to students from as far away as Russia and Uganda and their original students from 7 years ago are still with them and very much part of their family.


Derek is in full time education, based with a private training provider in Birmingham, Sue as well as volunteering, is a self-employed dog walker. Their own three children attend schools in the Malvern area.


Sue and Derek enjoy the whole experience of guardianship and together with Abacus Guardians, are responsible for the pastoral care of all students placed with them. In essence it is like having an extended family, as they offer a loving and friendly environment which is essential for students who are studying faraway from home with English being their second language.


Sarah and Miles


Sarah Williams and her family have hosted international students from Russia, China, Japan, Sweden, France and America for 5 years.


Sarah is a Swimming Instructor and Miles is a Production Engineer. Their children are at a local school.


The family enjoys walking on the Malvern Hills, shopping, baking, playing football, taking part in triathlons, cycling and swimming.


Sarah and Miles enjoy hosting students and gain so much from learning about other cultures and faiths. Help and advice is always available from Rosemary who works hard to match student’s interests and needs to host families and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.