Basic information requirements

Abacus Guardians will need to know


- All relevant names, contact details and information, including any special requirements your child may have e.g. special diet, regular medication and/or allergies.

- About your family background - your occupations, details of any close relatives or friends in the UK.

- About interests and hobbies your child might have and whether he or she is particularly keen on music, sports, crafts etc.?

- About religion. Does your child worship regularly? If so, do you need any special arrangements to be made whilst your child is staying with guardians?


All this information helps Abacus Guardians to have a clear understanding of your child, which is helpful in building knowledge for all concerned.

It is also extremely important that you provide insurance for your child to cover his or her stay in the UK and give Abacus Guardians a copy of the insurance policy.


You will receive all relevant information about:


- Your guardianship family and their home including telephone numbers, postal and     e-mail addresses

- The profession/occupation of the guardians and details about their children

- The guardians’ religious background

- Family pets (if any)


Abacus Guardians will give you:


- A contract with detailed terms and conditions, including a clear statement of the services provided

- Advice note of the fees you will be charged for our services

- The payment terms of these fees


We will also give your child appropriate Safeguarding Guidelines regarding:


- Life and behaviour in a British home

- Entertainment and excursions

- Health and safety

- Diet

- What to do if he or she feels ill

- Pocket money, which should be agreed in advance between parents, school and Abacus guardians.

- What to do if there is a problem.

- What to do if he/she has been invited to stay with another school friend - this will need your permission.

- Arrangements for transport from and to the airport.


In addition, any problems encountered by the child should immediately be

reported to Rosemary Mott at Abacus Guardians by the child or parents.

Equally, any problems encountered by the guardians will also be reported to Rosemary Mott and made known to you, the parents, without delay.