British  Education and Culture

The process of choosing the right school for your child can be confusing and daunting.  We can introduce you to the UK’s finest boarding schools and suggest visiting places within the vicinity of our recommended schools and further afield to give you the opportunity to experience British culture. Our company’s school portfolio is updated annually therefore offering the latest information and we feel it is important you should visit the schools to gather your own insights before deciding about your children's future.
Children frequently come to boarding school in the UK from the age of 8 when they initially attend prep school for 5 years, followed by senior school for a further 5 years and then their final university education. 

For students' parents who do not live in the UK,  a guardian can be appointed who will care for and assist the student with any problems from everyday necessities to educational needs or emergency situations that may occur during his or her period of education. We are here to help and support your children to integrate rapidly and smoothly into an unfamiliar educational system and a totally new living environment.