Rosemary Mott is the founder of Abacus Guardians. She has personally been a guardian to overseas students for 26 years, constantly caring for children from diverse cultural backgrounds whilst nurturing their development and future progress in the warm family atmosphere of her own home or the home of one of her personally chosen guardianship families where children's individual personalities and confidence are encouraged to develop.

It can be a daunting experience when children often as young as 8 years old, come to the UK for their education. They are a world away from home, having been transported to a totally foreign environment, often with little command of the language and needing the care and reassurance they will receive from a responsible and caring guardian family. Parents will be reassured in the knowledge that the children are safe and happy in the care of guardians personally chosen by Rosemary Mott.

Rosemary Mott and Abacus Guardians have a duty to the overseas parents and children to ensure that the
UK guardians selected are suited to their children.  Rosemary, therefore, undertakes stringent procedures to ascertain the suitability of each potential guardian family and once these procedures have been satisfactorily completed, Rosemary will place your child with a suitable family taking into account age, gender and parental background.

Students' welfare and happiness is of the utmost importance to Rosemary and her
guardians. She constantly interacts with the students, their parents and schools monitoring students' progress and being available to assist 24 hours a day should students be experiencing and difficulty.

It is evident from
Testimonials that both parents and students have valued Rosemary's guardianship over the years. Many close friendships have developed and, indeed, children of students for whom she has cared, now entrust their children to her care.